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My Girls | Johnson City TN Child Photographer

It seems like photographers rarely edit their own images. Most of us also have children that display symptoms of Photographer’s Child Syndrome.

It’s totally a real thing! Your kid is looking absolutely adorable, there is the most beautiful backdrop you’ve ever seen, and then your child inevitable says “no pictures, Momma” UGHHHH! It happens EVERY.TIME.

So, these were taken last spring and I bought the perfect Laura Ashley dresses, fixed their hair, and we headed out for a fun session.

 The entire drive there my girls are SO excited. “Mommy, I can’t wait to do pictures with you! I love my hairs and my dress. This is going to be the best day ever.”

So in my head I’m like awwwww yeah! This is going to be perfect!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Best laid plans.

We get out of the car and my oldest (4yr old) tells me she no longer wants to “do pictures”. I pull out every bribe possible. I even tried suckers! No luck. She was a bull, and she was serious. WHAT CHANGED in the two minutes from bouncing with excitement to now?

So, I got my youngest dressed and proceeded to take beautiful images of her. We all go down to my favorite bridge and I am photographing Emma.  I told her that she could get in the water and play for a few pictures. Well, guess so decided she now wanted to join in.

Yep. Water. Every time.

So I negotiated that if she took a few pictures on the bridge with her sissy that she could splash in the water too.

I still call that a mom win!

Even though we started off a little rough, we played and danced and ended up with my favorite pictures ever. These are now blown up HUGE in their room and they still talk about how much fun they had that day.

So just remember, when you are at your session and your child isn’t dancing around smiling from the first few minutes, we will get them there. I am not above singing and dancing like a crazy lady for giggles 🙂

Here are a few favorites from our adventure!

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